Unlock how to purposefully create beautiful and developmentally appropriate learning centers for young students that engage bible based teachings for enhancing the general as well as specific learning outcomes for your program while also fulfilling state accreditation and validation requirements.

      Core of Knowledge:  2.0 Clock Hours of Curriculum

Dr. Carol Bristol, is the Executive Director and Founder for The Anna Julia Cooper Initiative, LLC.—A privately owned and operated boutique educational consulting firm providing culturally relevant Teacher Training and Professional Development Seminars nationally and internationally for over 25 years.  She is also a Research Advisor and Lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at Trinity Washington University.  She currently serves as an Early Childhood Program Improvement and Accreditation validator for the Maryland State Department of Education.

Getting the Gist for Creating & Maintaining Intentional Christian-Based Learning Centers in Early Childhood Education

Workshop B

Understanding Multiple Intelligences at Childcare

Early Childhood Education Conference