Teacher well-being considers stress, job-related exhaustion, and psychological load.  Through this course, participants will learn how teacher well-being affects overall program quality.  Participants will also learn practical strategies for improving teacher well-being.

     Core of Knowledge:  2.0 Clock Hours of Professionalism 

Dr. Syretha Storey, has been in the field of early childhood education for more than thirty years.  She has experience as a classroom teacher, trainer, consultant and director.  Dr. Storey is the owner and trainer for The Child Care Company.  In this role, she provides training and conducting services for early childhood programs throughout the state.  Additionally, she is the Director of NASA Goddard Child Development Center, the Maryland Sate Child Care Association (MSCCA) Secretary, and President of the PG County Chapter of MSCCA.




Workshop O


         Session 1: Teacher Well-Being & Program Quality:  Strategies for Reducing Teacher Stress

Early Childhood Education Conference