Beyond Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Competence in the Workplace

You have probably heard of emotional intelligence, but after we are able to identify our emotions and pinpoint their origin, what do we do with them? After developing emotional intelligence, the next step is emotional competence: the ability to experience and process emotions in order to pinpoint the underlying cause of distress and generate suggestions for change in one’s own behavior and organization.  Participants will learn why emotional competence is important for organizational functioning, and when and how to successfully use emotions in the workplace.

   Core of Knowledge:  2.0 Clock Hour of Professionalism 

Dr. Colby Peters, has over 10 years of experience of social work and human services experience in operations, development, technology, and designs program development, and organizational assessment.  Her mission is to stop individual burn-out and organizational turn-over so that organizations can thrive.

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Early Childhood Education Conference