Early Childhood Education Conference

Little People, Big Behavior

Workshop J

This session will define cultural competency and explore the importance if has in early childhood education.  The participants will leave with the ability to create a plan to promote cultural competency in their classrooms. 

Kristen Johnson is an Early Childhood Special Education Specialist. She has 21 years of teaching experience.  She works with classrooms across her district to give educators the tools she needed to increase inclusive opportunities for diverse learners.  Kristen is a champion for equitable education and serves as a member of her district’s equity leadership team.  Along with certifications in elementary, early childhood, and special education, she is certified ESOL.  She supports her county’s Head Start Program and childcare centers by providing staff trainings as well as family engagement sessions.  Kristen worked with the Maryland Department of Education providing staff development across the state.  She creates county and state level curricular resources and assessments.  She enjoys sharing best practices in education through presenting at local, state, and national conferences.  Kristen is also a member of her district’s math and literacy leadership teams.  She participates in the Maryland Early Childhood Leadership Program.

     Core of Knowledge:  2.0 Clock Hours of Special Needs